Keyscript is the fastest shorthand fully compatible with the standard keyboard

Phonetic & Regular

You do not have to worry about the vagaries of English spelling while taking dictation.

Perfect for Notetaking

Whether a student, doctor, or receptionist, take better notes with Keyscript.

Write at the Speed of Thought

Once fluent, write faster than ever before.

Works Everywhere

Because it uses only alpha numeric characters, you can use it on your devices and paper.

60% Speed Savings

Keyscript is averaged at 60% faster writing.

9 Steps

The course is broken into just nine steps.

$29 PDF Price

A digital copy of the book is only $29 AUD

2.5 Writing Speed

Write dictated text easily at this speed.

"Keyscript has really made taking notes in med school SO much easier ... OK, a LOT less painful."

Becky USA

"You must be a true genius to have come up with this system!"

Ben Greer Canada

Keyscript is faster to write than any other alphabetic shorthand

Here is an example of Keyscript against Personal Shorthand.

Dear Sir: In reply to your request of March 5, several of our sales catalogues are being shipped to you, under separate cover. Thank you for your interest in our organization. We appreciate your help. If we can be of further service, let us know. Sincerely, (212)

Personal Shorthand:
ds n rpli t y rqst o mr 5, svrl o r sals ctlgs r bg spd t u, u sprt cvr. t u f y ntrst n r org. w aprsat y hlp. f w c b o frtr srvc, lt u n. s (98)

drsr n ri tr rqz vmrc 5 sv v l sls kegs l bg ji tu xr wpt kq. hu qr nez nl lgc. wijt r lp. fwkb vfrh srvs qsn. swrl (84)



Dutton Speedwords


Personal Shorthand